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About me...

I live in South Devon with my wife (my 2 daughters have left home!).  

Before I set up as a freelance trainer and facilitator I had spent 30 years working in Local Government finance as an auditor and manager. This allowed me to work with many great individuals and groups across the complete range of professions from solicitors to planners and bin men to benefits clerks..

As a senior manager I delivered a range of courses and ran many workshops for junior staff through to directors and councillors.  I have also presented workshops and courses to the HNS and the charitable sector.

I love to ‘get my hands dirty’ reviewing systems and processes, working with teams on identifying improvements for the benefit of the customer and making the best use of resources at the same time.  While I am fascinated by software and computer systems they are not the be all and end all. Systems and processes are only as effective as the people that work with them.

Outside work I love drawing and cartooning and get a real kick out of  having my work published.