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Do you need to gauge the feelings of a group of people or staff about a project or a service?

Would you like to make sure that everyone who attends goes away feeling that they have taken an active part in the proceedings?

Gaining views from groups of people can be notoriously difficult.  You invariably get one person hijacking the meeting and the rest falling asleep or you get no feedback at all!  

I have the answer, an electronic voting system using handsets (see right). Linked to an onscreen display this system allows everyone present in the room to effectively have their say and contribute toward the outcome.

Before the meeting I will discuss and agree with you what you would like to come out of the meeting and what questions should be put to those present as well as how they should be presented on the screen, e.g. Charts, graphs etc.  I will then create a bespoke presentation for you around these questions and, if you would like, me to, I will facilitate the session acting as an independent critical friend.

As each session varies in length and content I am unable to quote a price here. If, however, you would like to discuss the matter further with no obligation to take the matter further then please give me a call or drop me a line (01626 211696 / email: rob@robwillcocks.co.uk).

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