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“ We engaged Rob to help us develop a bespoke project management methodology for Dartmoor National Park Authority.
Rob quickly understood and recognised where we were as an organisation and then designed and developed an imaginative concept. Working with our staff, Rob provided the project management expertise, creativity, energy and commitment to guide us throughout - all with the essential ingredient...a sense of humour!  We look forward to working with Rob again in the future”.

Neil White, Head of Human Resources
Dartmoor National Park

" If you are looking for someone who will interest and motivate a team and will approach problems in a way which would never occur to the rest of us then Rob's your man. I've been to his training sessions just to see how he would make a dry subject interesting and entertaining. I've never been disappointed. And what's more I have remembered what he was telling us" 

Simon Barnes,  Director

“I thougnt it was brilliant and doesn’t need to change
“Thought it was brilliant and enjoyable”
“Great morning!”
“Like all elements”
Comments from attendees at a Team Building event July 2011

“Rob made a potentially 'dry' subject fun and light”
“The interactive approach worked well & kept everyone engaged”
“The exercises were useful and ensured everyone participated”
“Very good course and very informative”
“Held groups attention for whole session”

Attendees at Risk Management Training Session September 2010

“Rob has always demonstrated a committed approach to his work which clearly shows in the results of his workshops - energised staff and clear outcomes. He has a creative and positive approach and easily engages at all levels of the organisation. Both myself and my colleagues have used Rob several times and will continue to do so.”

Ian Bollans, Head of EH and Housing at South Hams DC

“Good mix of activities to appeal to all members of the teams”
“Exactly what was required”
“Fantastic - was very apprehensive before arriving but thought the content was fantastic and put people at ease”
“A very good morning”
“Very enjoyable and achieved its objective”
“Really enjoyed it, thank you very much.  Will recommend to other Heads of Service”

Comments from attendees on a team building session July 2010

“Great presentation, especially the graphics at the start!  Rob was a great leader of the discussion.  Really worth the time. Normally these events don’t achieve much but it ran well, got people talking and not closed or afraid to voice opinions. Looking forward to the next meeting - thank you!”

Attendee at a Business Planning Workshop

“Over the past couple of years I have been fortunate enough to be involved in a number of workshop based scenarios (covering a vast range of subjects) that have been devised and delivered by Rob Willcocks.

Rob has the impressive ability to take subject matter requiring problem solving skills, mould it and deliver in a creative way that is both interactive and informative, whilst also being fun.  He has the enviable talent of understanding what the desired outcome is and developing an engaging process (that is often unique and entertaining) to facilitate this.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rob to other groups and organisations that are seeking support to develop realistic and achievable solutions in an innovative and dynamic way”.

Steve Matson, Service Manager

“(Workshop) allowed considered input without time wasting.  Allowed participants to build on their knowledge and experience and come to terms with the current realities.  Very well led. Eventual business plan will be owned by the participants”

Attendee at a Business Planning Workshop

“Rob is an excellent facilitator and provider of workshops and training. He is able to tackle complex subjects making them simple and engaging participants enthusiastically in the topic under consideration. His presentations are entertaining whilst producing outcomes that move services forward. Examples include a simple but clever crossword to engage and educate members in a difficult area of learning - risk management; workshops on lean thinking where all staff are motivated to contribute and which result in an action plan to streamline the function whilst also improving customer service; highly sophisticated, entertaining and educational PowerPoint presentations on complex topics such as the Council's overall annual budget”.

Lesley Tucker, Service Manager
“Rob has brought so much to our organisation. He understands our needs and has given us advice and new ways of working that have increased turnover and reduced costs. Since following his advice and the simple systems he implemented, applications to our event went up by 20%. He's flexible, friendly and extremely diligent and I hope to continue to work with him in the years to come and would highly recommend him."

Sarah James, Director
The Contemporary Craft Festival

“Lots of creative work to motivate and get theory across”
“Particularly appreciated use of models etc. Good teaching
  technique. Very innovative.”
“The whole session flowed very well and the final 'game' made the
  whole day seem even more enjoyable. Thanks.”
“Very well presented, enjoyable day”

Attendees at Project Management Training Session September 2010

Rob is an excellent communicator and has a real talent for being able to present dull subjects in an interesting and exciting way. Rob likes to think of easier ways to do things and his audit and IT background gives him an insight into many different subjects and processes.

One of the more memorable ways that Rob used his skills was to create a crossword for Executive members of the council, as a test to help them remember corporate policies. He has thought of many other different ways of training, outside of ‘normal’ sessions. His innovative way of thinking meant that Rob worked with the council’s Corporate Management Team and as part of the Wider Management Team to try new ways of working and to identify issues and solutions.

Rob has a talent for quickly understanding systems and will be the first to try new ways of working. He can also write computer systems to overcome a problem or to make life easier for staff, often before others have realised what improvements are needed.

Rob is always smiling, friendly and approachable, putting people at ease and can work with staff and Councillors at all levels.

Lynn McElheron, Director

“Rob has an uncanny knack when facilitating workshop / training sessions of making somewhat difficult and not exactly exciting subjects interesting, ensuring that all group members play an active role (sometimes without them even realising!), the result of which is a far better learning environment and one that ensures that all participants actually take away the necessary skills to improve their and their colleagues working lives".

Paul Baker, Service Manager

“I liked the inclusive nature of the event. Everyone contributed.  I came with an open mind - the event exceeded my expectations and was very useful”.

Bob Jones, Charity Trustee

“Rob has played a key role in developing the understanding of new ways of working and the development of risk based approach at all levels within the organisation.  He has a unique style of engagement with those who are being developed, which involves them imaginatively and ensures that they end up not only with a clear understanding but also ownership of the concept being taught .

I am most grateful for the help and assistance provided to me by Rob, which has in turn helped me in the development of a highly performing team who are committed to efficient ways of working and as a result consistently achieve their targets”.

Ben Hosford, Service Manager

“Got everything honestly on the table. Well organised, logical and progressive. Well planned exercise. Rob, a breath of fresh air!”

Workshop attendee

“An excellent start to a difficult journey. Very well facilitated - right balance of construct and control and flexible participation. Well played!”

Will Fitzgerald, CX Teigmouth Community Association

“I’ve never played battleships in a senior management meeting before….or any other meeting at work come to think of it. Rob changed all that and we had a really enjoyable and effective learning event around managing conduct and capability issues. Innovative!”

Neil Aggett, Democratic Services Manager

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