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What attendees said...

“Rob made a

potentially 'dry'

subject fun

and light”

“The interactive approach worked

well & kept everyone engaged”

“Very good course and very informative”

“Held groups attention for whole session”

“Great variation

of style”

“Good, clear and timely”

“Team work exercises which enabled me to see the risk from another persons perspective”

“The exercises were useful and ensured everyone participated”

“Practical games to explain concepts”

Risk Management

Course Aims & Objectives:

Intended for:


Course includes:

It’s not all Health and Safety, honest!

This half day introductory course will explain what Risk is and how an effective and focused approach to Risk Management is essential in delivering service, strategic and project objectives. This is of particular importance in this time of financial upheaval.

You will learn that Risk Management will assist you in taking opportunities in service innovation with the full understanding of the implications as well as complying with the corporate risk management strategy in so doing.

By the end of the session you will:

Ø Understand what a Risk is;

Ø Be able to confidently identify, analyse, prioritise,
  action and monitor risks;

Ø Have the basic Risk Management tools of the trade to

Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders and Project Managers.  

½ Day

Ø A half days training and facilitation;

Ø Each attendee will receive:

o a copy of the presentation slides in a folder;

o a copy of an MS Excel format Risk Register with worked example;

o references/ links to further information/helpful web sites.